AAA Hotel Discounts: Is it worth it?[2021] (2023)

The AAA inventory includes more than 27,000 hotels worldwide, and in these properties you can obtain special discounts to help save some on their trips.

But how much do these discounts cost at the AAA hotel and it is worth reserving AAA rates?

In this article, I will take a look at some sample reservations of large hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc. and show what type of economy can expect.I will also show when it is not worth reserving the price of AAA.


General description of AAA associations

Before jumpingvery deepOn the different discount rates, I think it is a good idea to provide an update on AAA associations.

The associations may differ from where it is (what state), but you can find three different levels of associations that range from $ 5 to $ 10 per month (you can see the prices below for the Texas state).

AAA associations are probably better known for their benefits when it comes to road assistance, but they can also obtain discounts on many forms of travel.You can find discounts for car rental, cruises and various forms of entertainment, such as Universal Studios or Disney.So be sure to look at the AAA economies that extend far beyond hotels.

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What are the discounts of the AAA hotel?

You can expect to receive a discount from 0% to 20% of the standard hotel rate by reserving the AAA rate.

I wanted to put this discount on the test, so I made many test reservations for several hotels and I found the following discount rates:

  • Hilton:0% A 10%
  • Hyatt:0% A 5%
  • IHG:3% A 10%
  • Marriott:0% A 20%
  • Choice:5% A 10%
  • Best Western International:10%

I made sure to compare the same type of night with each other according to the cancellation policy.

For example, I compared the AAA advanced purchase rate with the standard advanced purchase rate.Therefore, the above percentages must provide a precise breakdown of the discount range that I found for my sample reservations.

If you want to see the specific prices of sampling reserves, keep rolling and have all these broken prices.I chose several hotels throughout the country just to mix things to make the equipment completely random.

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Are they no longer cheaper rates?

One of the biggest surprises I found is that sometimes you can get cheaper rates when reserving the standard rate or limb speed.

The default rate is the normal rate to which a room that does not have an assigned discount reserves.This is usually the main price shown on the hotel reservation page (you can see something that says "prices that begin in X").

The member rate is the rate it receives as a member of the hotel's specific loyalty program.

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For example, if he enrolled in Hilton Honors, it would be the honor rate of Elite Hilton.An easy and free way to save money.

Most time, the member rate was between the AAA rate and the standard rate.But, in some cases, it was the same price or even cheaper than the AAA rate, so keep in mind.It would be a very bad decision to reserve a discount rate that is really more expensive.

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How to reserve AAA rates

It is really easy to reserve AAA rates.

Every time I look for a hotel room, look for a special suspended menu that says something like "special tariffs."

From there, you can select AAA and then the rates you show must show AAA rates.Here you can also see other types of discounts, such as senior discounts and AARP discounts.Sometimes it is also here where you can select Book with points.

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To continue with the reservation, you can ask you to insert your AAA number.

In addition, it is possible that a hotel wants to see your AAA card every time you check it.I have seen many reports in which people have never been invited to show the AAA card, but I personally do not like to take risks like this., to have it.

Hilton AAA discounts

Something to consider when it comes to discounts from Hilton AAA is that it can save even more with theHilton MVP discount codes.You must belong to some kind of sports organization, but it is very easy to qualify, so verify that if you really like to save money.

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Hampton Inn Ft.Lauderdale/Downtown Las Olas Area

  • Regular price:$ 236
  • AAA price:$ 212
  • Discount rate: 10%

Doubletree for Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Center City

  • Regular price:$ 153 (Hilton Honor Rate $ 148)
  • AAA price:$ 145
  • Discount rate: 5%

Here is a good example of the price of the limb that falls between the normal price and the price of AAA.

Homewood Suites de Hilton Minneapolis- St. Louis Park no West End

  • Regular price:$ 197 (Hilton Honor Rate $ 193)
  • AAA price:$ 197
  • Discount rate: 0% (possibly a negative discount)

This reservation is one of those situations in which the discount members rate is below the price of AAA!

Homewood Suites de Hilton Oklahoma City-Bricktown, OK

  • Regular price:$ 144 (Hilton Honor Rate $ 139)
  • AAA price:$ 133
  • Discount rate: 8%

Porter Portland's Collection, Curio, de Hilton

  • Regular price:US $ 169 (Hilton Honors Taxa $ 163)
  • AAA price:$ 152
  • Discount rate: 10%
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Hyatt AAA discounts

Of all the hotel programs I tried, Hyatt had the lowest discount rate.I don't know if they were just the properties I found, but the discounts were very impressive, usually falling below 5%.

Hyatt House Charlotte/Center City

  • Regular price:$ 218 (member rate of $ 211)
  • AAA price:$ 211
  • Discount rate: 3%

Hyatt Place Las Vegas

  • Regular price:$ 169
  • AAA price:$ 167
  • Discount rate: 1%

Hyatt Centric Brickell Miami

  • Regular price:$ 297
  • AAA price:$ 297
  • Discount rate: 0%

Grand Hyatt Seattle

  • Regular price:$ 297 (member rate of $ 290)
  • AAA price:$ 297
  • Discount rate: 0% (possibly a negative discount)

Again, there is another instance of a possible "negative discount".

Hyatt Regency Nueva Orleans

  • Regular price:US $ 279
  • AAA price:$ 266
  • Discount rate: 5%
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IHG AAA discounts

IHG reserves were quite solid and, usually, when I found a rate of members between the normal price and the price of AAA or even with the price of AAA discount prices.AAA

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Phoenix Downtown - Ballpark

  • Regular price:$ 342
  • AAA price:$ 334
  • Discount rate: 3%

Holiday Inn Express The Step Central

  • Regular price:$ 169 (member rate of $ 160)
  • AAA price:$ 153
  • Discount rate: 10%

Hotel Indigo: St. Louis - Downtown

  • Regular price:$ 149 (member rate of $ 141)
  • AAA price:$ 141
  • Discount rate: 5%

Kimpton: Nove Zero Hotel

  • Regular price:$ 435
  • AAA price:$ 391
  • Discount rate: 10%

Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Atlanta Downtown

  • Regular price:$ 209
  • AAA price:$ 199
  • Discount rate: 5%

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Marriott AA discounts

My Marriott reservations showed me one of the biggest discounts at 20%.I am sure that this is the highest point of the AAA discount, so it cannot find very often, but it was good to find a 20% discount rate in the real world..

Salt Lake City Marriott City Centro

  • Regular price:US $ 289
  • AAA price:$ 260
  • Discount rate: 10%

Residence Inn Miami Beach South Beach

  • Regular price:$ 429
  • AAA price:$ 347
  • Discount rate: 20%

JW Marriott Houston Downtown

  • Regular price:$ 209
  • AAA price:$ 188
  • Discount rate: 10%

Patio de San Francisco Union Square

  • Regular price:$ 329
  • AAA price:$ 296
  • Discount rate: 10%

Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop

  • Regular price:$ 199
  • AAA price:$ 199
  • Discount rate: 0%
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Choice hotels

Most of the hotels I found had a 10%discount, which was quite consistent.

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Clarion Hotel Nashville Downtown - estadio

  • Regular price:$ 196
  • AAA price:$ 186
  • Discount rate: 5%

Suites de Conforto - South Austin

  • Regular price:$ 134
  • AAA price:$ 149
  • Discount rate: 10%

Cambria Hotel Omaha in the center

  • Regular price:$ 129
  • AAA price:$ 116
  • Discount rate: 10%

Comfort Inn & Suites

  • Regular price:$ 194
  • AAA price:US $ 175
  • Discount rate: 10%

Comfort Suites Alamo/Riverwalk

  • Regular price:$ 199
  • AAA price:US $ 179
  • Discount rate: 10%

Best Western International

Best Western Plus Lawnfield Inn & Suites Mentor Cleveland

  • Regular price:$ 129
  • AAA price:$ 116
  • Discount rate: 10%

Best Western Plus Blue Angel in brushes, Florida

  • Regular price:US $ 139
  • AAA price:$ 125
  • Discount rate: 10%

Final word

As you can see, the AAA discount can vary dramatically and, in some cases, you can receive a 20% discount on your stay at the hotel.In other cases, although the discount economy is not so clear.You may be saving only some percentage points and, in some casesEspecially if you are a member of this elite program.

So I think it is worth investigating AAA discounts, but you must definitely verify if the AAA discount is really saving money.

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Daniel Gillaspia

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